Christ’s Hospital School



Tullys has provided Civil and Structural Engineering services to the school for a number of years whilst it has carried out work to provide a number of new build, state of the art, education facilities.

State of the Art Education Facilities

Christ’s Hospital School, in Horsham, was founded in 1552. It has been on its current campus site, made up of a number of Grade II* buildings, since the 1890s. Tullys has provided Civil and Structural design services for a number of new build facilities. These have included a Language and Resource Centre, a two storey catering facility and restaurant, as well as new classrooms. Careful coordination within the design team, and with the school, was required for all of our projects here, to ensure seamless integration of the new facilities into the existing campus.

Project information


Christ’s Hospital


Miller Bourne Architects

NRAP Architects


RIBA Stages 2-6
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Flood Risk Assessment


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