Colebrook Court

Rooftop Development


Based in the heart of the Sele Farm Estate, Colebrook Court was a 3-4 storey, 1980s load bearing masonry building.

As part of a major regeneration programme of the estate, Colebrook Court was extensively remodelled and refurbished and had an additional storey constructed across its full footprint.

Building Transformation

Tullys provided pre-planning and pre-tender support for Network Homes, before moving on to support United Living in the complex construction process. From the outset Tullys led the specification and management of essential intrusive structural investigations to establish the existing building’s form of construction and condition to ensure it was suitable to receive an additional storey.

Project information


United Living




RIBA Stages 2-6
Structural Engineering
Roof Top Extension
Structural Appraisal

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