Creek Road, Greenwich



Tullys was involved in this project from pre-planning, assisting to release this socially sensitive site, through to construction. Delivering 80 units across five blocks up to 6 storeys, 1800m2 commercial space and a partial basement.

Continental Frame Construction

During pre-planning works, the Tullys team undertook appraisals of existing buildings, party walls and construction sequencing to assist getting the scheme to site. Negotiations with DLR were also key due to the close proximity of shallow tunnels to the East of the site. Subsequently, Tullys undertook detailed design and building out the scheme with a ‘continental’ approach involving a full RC wall system atop a transfer slab at 1st floor with commercial space below. Tullys managed to locate all attenuation above ground, across roof and terrace areas, reducing unnecessary excavation works and aiding the construction process within the tight confines of the site’s boundaries.

Project information


Bouygues UK
Peabody Housing Association




RIBA Stages 2-6
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Constitutional Frame Construction

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