Green Lanes, Haringey



Green Lanes is a mixed-use development of 4-7 storeys consisting of 133 apartments with an NHS GP facility of approximately 875m2 and self-contained energy centre at ground floor.

Anti-vibration Measures

Located alongside Green Lanes (A504), which has the Piccadilly Line running directly under it, this site was also constrained by air shafts from the running tunnels rising in the corner of the site and two main Thames Water sewers at shallow depth directly under. Detailed approvals were required from both TfL and Thames Water. Utilising Revit, 3D BIM models were created clearly detailing the construction interaction of new works around these major assets. Supported by in-depth ground movement analysis and soil vibration assessments, approvals were received following extensive liaisons. Originally anti-vibration measures were proposed for all blocks, however Tullys, working closely with specialists, were able to restrict these measures to the front block only. These measures took the form of anti-vibration isolation pads, integrated within the foundation solution. Sewer easement zones were also agreed with Thames Water, and foundations designed a safe distance from all sewers. The site is also heavily confined and surrounded by narrow single-way highways, as such extensive vehicle tracking exercises and construction operation plans were produced to manage site logistics and avoid use of congested Green Lanes itself.

Project Information


Engie Group
Clarion Housing Group


Frank Reynold Architects


RIBA Stage 3-6
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
TfL Approvals
TW Build Over Agreement

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