We are proud to announce our new name, welcome to the new era of Tullys…

Why are we rebranding?

We are simply going by what you already call us, Tullys. Behind the scenes we are still the same Tully De’Ath (Consultants) Limited, the trusted company you have worked with for over 40 years. However, over the last few years our founders have stepped back from the business and we felt now was the time to reflect those changes we have seen.

We are also delighted to inform you we are also launching our new website. Our goal was to create and offer a user-friendly browsing experience which is easy to navigate. We hope you enjoy the fresh new look our website offers with easy access to information and services for our clients and visitors.

You may notice whilst looking around we have 6 abstract T’s, each representing an area of our expertise. The symbols used to create them have been taken from our drawings. You’ll also find that these Ts will be used on all our documents and business cards.

Please do go and explore our new site.

New features include the integrated social media button to LinkedIn offering improved methods of communication for all. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn. We look forward to staying connected! And don’t worry, even though our emails are changing, you’ll still reach us if you happen to send an email to our old addresses by mistake!


January 2023