The Housing Forum – Rooftop Developments

On Thursday 21st July 2022, The Housing Forum held their fourth event in their Spotlight series, a webinar focusing on Rooftop Development, and specifically ‘Defining Feasibility for Rooftop Development’.

With speakers, David Gatehouse, General Manager of Langley, David Stronge, Design Director of Peabody and the talk chaired by Shelagh Grant, Chief Executive of The Housing Forum. Malcolm Dunn, a Director here at Tullys provided the insight from a Structural Engineering perspective on Roof Top Developments. Malcolm’s presentation covered the following:

• When to get a structural engineer involved
• Why so much investigation and testing
• Robustness and Progressive Collapse

Tullys have a great deal of knowledge on rooftop developments. As an industry, we are now seeing more rooftop extension than ever before.
Thank you to The Housing Forum for inviting us to participate in a fantastic webinar on ‘Defining Feasibility for Rooftop Development’.