Tullys shuffle into the New Year.

Our Christmas do was a stone’s throw from London Bridge station this year at Electric Shuffle. There venue was the perfect setting for our festive social, complete with beautiful decorations, seasonal drinks, and delicious food.

Electric Shuffle is a little like a split between curling and bowls which some of us haven’t played before so it was great to fully immerse yourself in and try something new.

We were split into 4 teams (Flamingo, Panther, Peacock and Whale) and were pitched against each other– All scoring is done electronically, which made it hassle free and meant there was no cheating!

One of the games was nearest the target, which was a game of skill, concentration, and some mean moves especially when you knocked your opponent out of the way!

Throughout the games, our Tournament highlights included:

  • Pete – Most territory
  • Sam – Nearest eclipse
  • Malcolm – Shortest circuit
  • Gareth – Gets a High five
  • Matt – Gets a High five

The Flamingos ended up winning with a total of 5, The Panthers coming in close second and The Peacock and The Whale coming in third.

It was a great evening, and we would highly recommend giving it a go.